Where are your products?

It’s a common problem.  You ordered 30 cases, but can’t find them.  BA can tell you where they are and when it got there! RFID allows you to see the whole picture. From major pharmaceutical companies to large distribution warehouses, BA has delivered solutions, with Total Asset Visibility, in North America, Europe, and Africa.

Just about ANYTHING can be captured in real-time, all-of-the-time!

  • Inventory Management
  • Theft Prevention
  • Product Track and Trace
  • Shipment Verification

RFID readers don’t get tired! RFID reduce errors!
RFID cut labor, inventory, and material costs!

Our Solutions Include:

  • Asset Management Inventory Control
  • Work-In-Progress
  • Cost and Progress
  • Workflow Control
  • Data/Information Handling